Mirza Lodge 609 Raises Money for Pilot Mound Fire Department

On April, 1, 2017, after a 2 year hiatus, Mirza Lodge 609 again hosted its biscuit and gravy benefit breakfast for the Pilot Mound Fire Department. The crowd was steady throughout the event, and included friends and neighbors from all over the county and beyond. Free will donations brought in $3300 which will be used to purchase truck equipment and fire gear for new members. Sean Whalen, PMFD fire chief said, “This was a great event, and I’m so pleased that the Lodge decided to continue the breakfast. We’d like to thank the Lodge and all of its members, especially Deb and Dan Baker, and everyone from the area who stopped by that day.  In addition to the money raised, these events foster awareness of the need for rural fire protection, and help build a sense of community.”

benifit picture 1

Dan Baker, plaid shirt, presents Pilot Mound Fire Department with a check from Mirza Lodge 609

benifit picture 2

Members of Mirza Lodge 609 and the Pilot Mound Fire Department gather to celebrate the success of the event.

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