Pilot Mound Gets a AED

The town of Pilot Mound began the year 2021 with the good news of a heartfelt contribution to its residents and community visitors: a new Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

The town has an older, still functional AED, but it’s kept in the Pilot Mound Fire Department truck, and it isn’t immediately accessible. Since the Pilot Mound Community Building is a venue for wedding receptions and other large gatherings, a permanent, wall-mounted AED was needed in the event of a cardiac emergency.

The Bluff Creek Wranglers 4-H Club applied for and was awarded a Community Seed Grant from Pioneer and the state 4-H Foundation to purchase an AED. The Pilot Mound Fire Department (PMFD) and MIRZA Lodge #609 partnered with the 4-H Club to purchase and install the AED.

“Emergency medical response for communities like Pilot Mound is an on-going concern,” says Pilot Mound fire chief, Sean Whalen. “We no longer have a local First Responders, so having an AED available in town might mean the difference between life and death. The Bluff Creek Wranglers have been fantastic partners—the kids assist annually with the MIRZA breakfast, and a few years ago worked with the PMFD and the Red Cross to install smoke detectors throughout the community. Everyone owes them a hearty thank you.”

The club had planned to install the AED by May 2019, but Covid-19 provided an obstacle. The PMFD relies on the support of a spring Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast fundraiser, organized by MIRZA Lodge #609. The Breakfast had to be postponed, and it was uncertain when it would be re-scheduled. It finally was held October 11, with a combination of drive-through and dine-in. Members of the 4-H club delivered meals to people in their vehicles and bussed tables.

The Pilot Mound Fire Department ordered an AED, but it was on back order. As soon as it arrived, members of the Bluff Creek Wranglers 4-H club attended the PMFD meeting on January 11 to help install the AED inside the Pilot Mound Community Building. It now is available for community use and close at hand in case of emergency.

Santa Came to Town

Santa road into town Saturday in a big red fire truck to pay a special visit to the children in town.  Nothing like coming to town in style.
The kids were excited to to tell him how wonderful and well behaved they had been all year.  It must be true, as I didn’t see one nose grow even the tiniest bit.


Together We Can

Sometimes it feels like a project will never end.  Just when you think you are done, a vision of potential pops up.  This vision has only become reality through the efforts of many dedicated and supportive organizations and community members.  We would like to thank the Lowrey Charitable Foundation and Leonard A. Good Trust for their generosity.  We were able to purchase the playground equipment and much of the gravel with the grant money provided by these organizations.  Stan Jones and Mike Heslop were some other players in the first vision for the park.  I am grateful for the time and resources that they graciously provided to this project.


Yes, I said first vision.  I thought that the park would be complete but there was something missing and along came another vision of potential, a border around the play area.  This phase included quite a few players.  We are grateful once again to the Lowrey Charitable Foundation for their financial support.  We also have the Bluff Creek Wranglers (local 4H group), members of the Pilot Mound community and several Boone County residents to thank.  To raise additional funds to purchase a border for the playground area, we decided to have a bake sale.  The support from across Boone county was amazing.  We even had baked goods donated from a few residents of neighboring counties as well.  Several members of the Bluff Creek Wranglers were in charge of sales and I just have to say WOW!  They could sell you the clothes off your back.  There is definitely some talent there.

park2After purchasing the border the Bluff Creek Wranglers were once again ready to give back to their community.  They stepped up and assembled the border.  After more gravel was delivered, Stan Lingren brought over his skid loader and donated his time to spread the gravel.  I also want to thank Judy Bennet and Tyson Comstock for helping with some finishing touches.  We had fun using the tractor and I appreciate their dedication to the community.  Together we can and together we will.








Another Amazing Feast By Mirza Lodge 609

Many Pilot Mound residents went home with happy hearts and full bellies thanks to Mirza Lodge 609. On July 19th residents indulged in a delectable steak and potato dinner with a variety of delicious salads, topped off with sweet treats. It is an honor to have an organization go above and beyond for the community. Thank you gentlemen, it was a great evening!

Local 4H Installs a Little Free Library 

With the help of area farmer/woodworker/craftsman David Lundberg, the Bluff Creek Wranglers 4H club was able to install a small library in the city of Pilot Mound. Located on the North West corner of the Community Building, the library is an opportunity for local residents to borrow a book to enjoy, and also a chance to donate a book they thinks others would like to read. Club members donated books from their own collections, mostly geared to the youngest residents of Pilot Mound. It is the club’s hope that Pilot Mound’s kids and adults can discover the joy of reading, without traveling out of town.

Successful Bake Sale

I am very excited to share with you the success of the bake sale held on April 1st at the biscuit ad gravy benefit breakfast. We were able to raise just over $400.  Many people contributed to the success of this bake sale.  Donations poured in from all over the county and many from neighboring counties as well.  Members of the Bluff Creek Wranglers 4H group played a huge roll in the success of this sale.  Not only did the members provide baked goods for this event, they also provided an phenomenal sales team!  Many thanks to all of you who made this bake sale a success.  The money raised will help purchase a border to be placed around playground area at the Pilot Mound City Park.

Mirza Lodge 609 Raises Money for Pilot Mound Fire Department

On April, 1, 2017, after a 2 year hiatus, Mirza Lodge 609 again hosted its biscuit and gravy benefit breakfast for the Pilot Mound Fire Department. The crowd was steady throughout the event, and included friends and neighbors from all over the county and beyond. Free will donations brought in $3300 which will be used to purchase truck equipment and fire gear for new members. Sean Whalen, PMFD fire chief said, “This was a great event, and I’m so pleased that the Lodge decided to continue the breakfast. We’d like to thank the Lodge and all of its members, especially Deb and Dan Baker, and everyone from the area who stopped by that day.  In addition to the money raised, these events foster awareness of the need for rural fire protection, and help build a sense of community.”

benifit picture 1

Dan Baker, plaid shirt, presents Pilot Mound Fire Department with a check from Mirza Lodge 609

benifit picture 2

Members of Mirza Lodge 609 and the Pilot Mound Fire Department gather to celebrate the success of the event.

Easter Egg Hunt

Join us April 15th for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. This event will be held at 10:00 a.m. in the Pilot Mound City Park weather permitting. Otherwise it will be held in the Community Building. All welcome to watch and age 10 and under to participate.

Baked Goods Needed

There will be a bake sale April 1st during the local fire departments Biscuit and Gravy benefit.  Your donations of baked goods would be greatly appreciated.  It would be helpful if they could be packaged and labeled, letting people know what it is.  Donations can be dropped off Friday March 31st 7pm-9pm or April 1st  anytime after 7:30am.  If you need to drop off goods outside of those times frames please contact Leda 515-353-4441.  Thank you for  your support.

*Money from the bake sale will go towards Pilot Mound park improvement project.