Together We Can

Sometimes it feels like a project will never end.  Just when you think you are done, a vision of potential pops up.  This vision has only become reality through the efforts of many dedicated and supportive organizations and community members.  We would like to thank the Lowrey Charitable Foundation and Leonard A. Good Trust for their generosity.  We were able to purchase the playground equipment and much of the gravel with the grant money provided by these organizations.  Stan Jones and Mike Heslop were some other players in the first vision for the park.  I am grateful for the time and resources that they graciously provided to this project.


Yes, I said first vision.  I thought that the park would be complete but there was something missing and along came another vision of potential, a border around the play area.  This phase included quite a few players.  We are grateful once again to the Lowrey Charitable Foundation for their financial support.  We also have the Bluff Creek Wranglers (local 4H group), members of the Pilot Mound community and several Boone County residents to thank.  To raise additional funds to purchase a border for the playground area, we decided to have a bake sale.  The support from across Boone county was amazing.  We even had baked goods donated from a few residents of neighboring counties as well.  Several members of the Bluff Creek Wranglers were in charge of sales and I just have to say WOW!  They could sell you the clothes off your back.  There is definitely some talent there.

park2After purchasing the border the Bluff Creek Wranglers were once again ready to give back to their community.  They stepped up and assembled the border.  After more gravel was delivered, Stan Lingren brought over his skid loader and donated his time to spread the gravel.  I also want to thank Judy Bennet and Tyson Comstock for helping with some finishing touches.  We had fun using the tractor and I appreciate their dedication to the community.  Together we can and together we will.








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